Swings Above Replacement

sWAR is a play on the hyper-analytic focus of today's game. Started by Bobby Tewksbary, the focus of this site is understanding how a hitter's swing affects performance.

1. Research & Ongoing Learning

We don't try to invent anything. We pay attention to what the best hitters do and work to understand why it works. We explore how mechanics and approach work together and how swing technique can limit a hitter's ability to perform.

2. Player Development

Through video analysis and customized training programs, we help players make swing adjustments to improve performance. There is much more to hitting than mechanics, but having good mechanics is an important piece to the puzzle.

Our awesome features

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About Bobby Tewksbary

Learn about the creator of Swings Above Replacement

Hitting Coach

Bobby has worked with hitters of all ages and skill levels from 7 year olds to MLB MVPs.

Tech Forward

Bobby pushes boundaries with technology in player development. The focus is never on improving metrics but on improving communication and performance.


Bobby founded Pelotero in 2020. Pelotero builds software that converts athlete data into custom training programs. More than hitting, Pelotero's platform can serve any sports and any skill.


Bobby has always been passionate about baseball and loves helping players to pursue their dreams. Bobby's favorite quote is, "Baseball is like church. Many attend, few understand."

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