sWAR Swing Analysis

Our goal is to help you develop your swing mechanics and educate you about what matters most in the swing. We look at 20 Key Positions and Movements based on the swing technique of the best hitters in the world. If you achieve all 20 checkpoints, your swing will be in really, really good shape!

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sWAR Swing Analysis Details

Setup & Stride

Getting your setup and stride right is important because it sets up the rest of your swing. Make sure your balance and overall movement is good here to allow the rest of your swing to work well.

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Launch Conditions

This is where we look at how you move and position yourself to create bat speed. Your Launch Conditions look at how you are shifting your weight, how you are creating leverage with your hands and ultimate how you generate your bat path.

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Contact Conditions

Contact is where the rubber meets the road. There are important positions to consider and movements that tell us how you are shifting weight, controlling your direction and establishing your swing plane.

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Bat Path

Your bat path is a product of how you move. Looking at bat path helps us understand where how might struggle against different pitches and different locations.

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